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Fathers: Read This For Encouragement

Hey all you dads out there. How are you doing? Father’s Day is this weekend and I’m thinking about you. I am a father too, married 19 years with four wonderful kids of my own. I've been marching side by side with you in these noble ranks for 13 years now. As I was trying to think of something to write so as to encourage you I realized that I needed some encouragement myself. Being a husband and a father is hard. When I need encouragement I turn to my wife, the most wonderful person I know. So for us I turned to the woman of the church and asked for their encouragement for us as fathers. I reached out to moms of teens, moms of littles, grandmas, and single women. All daughters of earthly fathers and of their heavenly father. And here is what they have said to you. I didn’t do anything but cut and paste their hearts and their encouragement to you.

I believe a father must first be a loyal, faithful husband who loves and cares for his wife. This sets an example to the children of how they should treat their spouse.

Hold your littles ones, play with them more.

Find the strength to live disciplined, balanced, and healthy lives.

Be affectionate with your wife in front of your kids and show her respect.

Dads of teens, let them grow, as long as they are following Jesus and making decent choices consider treating them less like kids and more like peers.

Pray for your kids and with your kids over little things and big things.

A father should encourage their children to seek God's guidance in making choices--big and small. He needs to model this in his own life--loving and serving others with the gifts God has given him. His children need to see this throughout their lives.

I want them to know how adequate they are by focusing on the things they are doing well and knowing how God sees them.

You are the man God placed in that family. Find your strength, purity, and leadership in him.

I want them to know their value to their children beyond the paycheck.

To wrap this all up, Janet Redenbaugh sent this treasure to me. I suggest you print it out and keep it somewhere visible! Copy and paste it just like I did!

My dad wrote this list called Ten Commandments for Fathers. It was posted in the men's restroom at the church where I grew up for many years! I feel these are important things for men to contemplate when raising children.

Ten Commandments for Fathers

Establish your authority--gently but firmly, and in concert with your wife.

Always treat your children with love and respect.

Lead them toward God by acknowledging Him in your own life.

Play with your children.

Never compare them to others in a negative way.

Never lose your temper with them.

Never ridicule them.

Never play favorites.

Never be inconsistent--or be in disagreement with your wife.

Always be approachable and patient with your family. Do your best to explain their "why".

Father’s you do more than you know. God loves you more than you realize. I pray that the Lord will bless you to stand strong in your faith, grow in your love for him and your family, and that you would lead and guide them faithfully by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Derek North

Worship Pastor



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