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Relationships, Marriage, And Parenting

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

In Support Of Relationships, Marriage, And Parenting

The best relationships revolve around both friends contributing, both spouses serving, both parents and kids honoring. Love, respect, listening, fun, and self-sacrificing are in the mix too. The biblical letter to the Ephesians is full of relational insight because our relationships are close to God’s heart. The God of the universe longs for our relationships to flourish, and He knows how they flourish best, since…well…He created us!

Our church community longs for your relationships to flourish too. In this past Sunday’s sermon, pastors Steve and Bronwyn shared this biblical advice, applying first to marriages, but also to all our relationships:

Let’s give our best and first energy to honoring our spouses, and apologizing when we actively mess up or when we’ve passively hurt them by not noticing them or failing to give them the support they need to flourish. Be humble enough to listen and learn from others, who do it better than we do. Be determined enough to seek help with counselors, when we hit rough patches or simply to get a yearly check in. And be encouraging to other marriages around you.

In the spirit of encouraging you in your relationships...

FBC staff picks on friendships, marriage, and kids:

A pair of sermons: Last week’s sermon on husbands and wives, and this weeks’ sermon on parents and kids (March 12 and 19, 2023). Both can be found at our YouTube channel, @fbcdavis. Steve Luxa is guiding us to see that there is more than meets the eye to these relationships.

A list of ideas for your family: Our Family Ideas page on our website has a lot for every age.

A few books:

More Resources:

An email: The Cultural Translator weekly email is the best on teen culture and parenting teens, says many parents of Lighthouse teens.

A podcast or two (or three!): Dadville is Jeff Hodges’ favorite, and Jeff and Tami both really love Raising Boys and Girls. Neil Redenbaugh has been loving Where We Find Ourselves about relationships in general.

An Album: Just kidding, we can’t recommend just one. Look up that old music album that makes you feel alive and full of joy and love for the people in your life, and listen to it on repeat!

An app: The Parent Cue is the best for intentionally nurturing your kids as they approach adulthood, in Neil’s opinion.

A suggestion: We’re not meant to go through parenting and relationships alone. Church small groups, spiritual directors, counselors, and pastors are all here to walk with you through everything. The church is a community helping everyone in all relationships. Please contact one of our staff if you are looking to connect with any of these supports.

Praying for you and your people today,

Neil and the FBC staff



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