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You. Me. Us. Everybody

The Trinity knew what He was doing when he created people to live together, love together, and work together, as recorded in Genesis 1. Jesus knew what He was doing when he called a group of people who were politically, economically, and tempermentally different to follow Him, as recorded at the beginning of the Gospels. And the Holy Spirit knew what He was doing when men and women, boys and girls from different countries all over the African, European, and Asian region responded to Peter's preaching and joined the first church, as recorded in Acts 2. God delights in gathering all sorts of people from every part of the world to worship together, grow together, grieve together, live together, and bless together.

This is why I love the church. Each of us brings our different personalities, backgrounds, gifts, perspectives, passions, cultures, and longings. Being part of the FBC community challenges me, inspires me, blesses me, and fills me with hope for our world. I am truly and deeply grateful for each of you and for how Jesus Christ is forming us together.

It is, after all, the work of Jesus Christ that is most central to who we are. "As theologian Charles Ringma says, Christian community has its beginning in the renewing and transformative work of Christ, a work that motivates us to love and serve our brothers and sisters in Christ, and the neighbor, even our enemies. And this community is sustained by nothing less than the presence of Christ." We are by no means a complete or perfect church, but I am so glad that our church is being formed, held together, and guided by Jesus Christ Himself! Jesus has a significant purpose for our church, and together we get to live it out!

Love to you church family!

Your brother in Christ,

Neil Redenbaugh

Adult and Family Pastor



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