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Why is my faith journey not going like I expected?

Updated: Mar 14

It happens to probably everyone. Your faith journey has high moments where Jesus feels delightfully close, routine times where you easily believe and practice our faith, and soul-satisfying stretches where your work and service seems perfectly in line with God's will for your life! But then there are also times when the feelings disappear, faith is challenged, and God seems nowhere. It happens to probably everyone, and this is exactly what Scott Wieking wants to help us process this Sunday at 9am in the Fellowship Hall.


Scott was on staff at our church for 40 years and thinks deeply about the life of faith. He is passionate to help people map their own faith journey so that we can better navigate those seasons when we feel stuck or like our faith doesn’t work anymore. This seminar is #1 of 5 seminars that are part of our School of Faith series. Our desire in this series is to love God more intensely and follow Jesus more closely as we love our neighbors and bless our world.


Here's a peak at the upcoming topics each Sunday at 9am:

  • Feb 25 - Why Is My Faith Journey Not Going Like I Expected? - Scott Wieking

  • Mar 3 - How to speak about my faith with people who are curious? - Tom Smith     

  • Mar 10 - How can I Live Openly As A Christian? - Bronwyn Lea     

  • Mar 17 - Part 2 of Why Is My Faith Journey Not Going Like I Expected

  • Mar 24 - What About My Big Science+Faith Questions? - Lisa Greif      

These seminars will be Sunday mornings from 9-9:45am. We’ll have seminars for adults and also something for your kids. Please email  if you are bringing kids so we can plan accordingly. 


The church is the place to talk about all the important topics in life and I hope you are able to join these seminars.


See you Sunday!

Neil Redenbaugh

Adult and Family Pastor at FBC Davis



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