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Ways to Serve and Belong

Dear FBC Family,

It didn’t take long into my motherhood journey for me to feel overwhelmed by my toddlers. I quickly signed up for a parenting class, where I learned that one of the basic needs children have is to know that they belong. How do they know they belong? Showing affection and attachment are important to communicate love and belonging to children, but I was surprised to learn that giving them responsibility is key, too. Children who play a role know they belong. I immediately began assigning my toddler the job of setting out forks and spoons for dinner.  

Adults are the same: the shift between feeling like we’re a guest and knowing we’re part of the family often comes when we know we have a part to play. It’s why, when you visit my home, I won’t just make you a cup of tea, I’ll show you where the teas are so you can brew yourself a cup next time. So that you feel like you belong and can literally make yourself at home.

The same goes for church. Finding a place where you can put your particular interests to use is an important part of belonging. So, we want to introduce you to the all-new FBC Ways to Serve page, which lists all sorts of places and ways you can get involved. Here are some things to know:

  • This beautiful form was a recommendation from our Adult Discernment Team who wisely suggested that both first timers and long-time FBCers could all use a place to see what was needed and available.

  • We’ve put all the opportunities in one place: from Sunday mornings to during the week, from once off needs to weekly roles, from behind the scenes meals to up front stuff, for children’s, youth, college, adult, outreach, missions, prayer ministries and more.

  • Filling in the form is an expression of interest, not signing your life away! Someone will get in touch to talk about options, and training will be provided for anything new you want to try out.

This is a great way to explore something new! Maybe you’ve helped with coffee on Sundays before but you’d like to try reading the Bible during the service, or maybe you’ve been helping in the nursery and now want to make a meal for hungry highschoolers or the homeless every now and then…. Take a look at all the amazing ways our FBC family is busy with faith-hope-love work and see what looks interesting!

You can find this “ways to serve” page on the FBC Resources page.  So go ahead: make yourself a virtual cup of tea and let’s take steps towards belonging—and serving—together.


Together with you in our Father’s care and service,

Bronwyn Lea

Pastor of Discipleship & Women



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