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The Gospel: It Might Not Mean What You Think It Means

What comes to your mind when you think of the gospel? Forgiveness of sin and heaven? Our personal plan of salvation? The Bridge Illustration? The Four Spiritual Laws?

More importantly than what comes to our mind is what comes to God’s mind. That is, the more important question is, “What comes to God’s mind when he thinks of the gospel?” After all, the gospel is all-important to us as Christians. We have staked our life on it, and even our eternity. We have made it central for what we trust God to have done in Jesus, and his promises for our future. So to know what comes to God’s mind when he thinks of the gospel means to possess a faith and a hope that lines up with what God has actually promised to have done in Jesus, what he is doing now, and what he will do in the future.

That is why we’re doing a deep dive into the gospel in a sermon series called, the Gospel. Since the gospel is of such importance to us as followers of Christ, it is worth taking this time to explore what Jesus and his first followers say about the Gospel.

Even if we already know the answer, we can savor it. Even if we are surprised by what we missed or what we forgot, we can drink it in to reinvigorate our faith and hope. Even if we are disappointed by what God is not doing or has not promised, we can soberly incorporate it to center our faith and hope on what God is doing and has promised.

The Gospel promises to be a profoundly formative experience for all of us, and one that I am genuinely excited to delve into with you and this church family. You can listen (or invite a friend to listen!) here.

For the sake of the gospel,

Steve Luxa

Senior Pastor



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