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The (St)art of Neighboring

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Dear FBC Family,

In Eugene Peterson’s translation of John’s Gospel, he describes Jesus coming to earth this way: “The word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood” (John 1:14, MSG). Getting close to love the people next door was how God’s plan for reaching the world began in the first place.

This week as we continue our Art of Neighboring series, join us to Yay, Pray, and Neigh(bor) in these things:


  • Jesus loves children and so do we! We celebrate growth in every kids class we have at FBC, as well as the child dedications last Sunday where we prayed with the Perreira and Hampton families as they committed to raising their little ones in God’s family.

  • FBC is getting busy neighboring! We celebrate the steps each one of you is taking towards knowing and loving the people around you in such varied and creative ways: take a peek at the notes posted in the FBC foyer and also on our online kudosboard… and add your own!!

  • We have lots of new people joining small groups: from college, to young adult, to home groups across Davis, Winters, Woodland and online! We praise God for the way He is building community.


  • For Neighbors Night Out this weekend, October 15th! Pray for genuine enjoyment and kindness at each of these neighborhood gatherings around our city.

  • For the crisis in Israel and Gaza. Prayer 24-7 has put together a helpful devotional which can be downloaded to help us pray. Here is a simple prayer they have offered to pray on its own, or use as a basis for extended intercession:

God of all nations, we pray today for Israel and Gaza.
…We pray for those grieving the sudden loss of loved ones, captives, and those whose homes have been destroyed.
…We pray for a miraculous de-escalation of this conflict, asking for reason to overcome rage and revenge. We also ask that other nations will be restrained from escalating this situation further.
…We pray for effective international peacemaking, seeking diplomacy over warmongering on all sides. Blessed are the merciful and the peacemakers.
(Matthew 5:7, 9) Amen


  • This week, read chapters 1-2 of The Art of Neighboring

  • Consider watching the Netflix documentary on Fred Rogers, Won’t You Be My Neighbor? (even better, watch it with your home group or neighbor!)

  • If there’s a Neighbors Night Out event near you, GO and ENJOY! Not sure what to say or do? Take some encouragement from Mr. Rogers himself:

As always, we’d love to hear your stories, questions, or pray with you about any of these things. And please feel free to share this email with someone who might appreciate it.

Looking forward to continuing this journey with you on Sunday,

Pastor Bronwyn



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