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Rooted - A Year of Growth

I come to you today bringing a story of God’s faithfulness, a reminder that even during tough and trying times, God breathes new life. Last year, as some of you know, God led us to start a young adults ministry here at FBC Davis (which we later titled Rooted). Not knowing what would come of it, on May 6, 2021, in the middle of the COVID 19 pandemic, we held our first meeting. A group of 12 young men and women came together out in the FBC courtyard to study God’s word and worship together. This was the beginning of a platform which God has used to bring together and to bless young adults of different nationalities (USA, Nigeria, Trinidad and Tobago, Kenya, Ethiopia, France, Germany, South Africa, Japan, New Zealand, etc.) during their stay in Davis.

outdoor masked gathering of young adults in the FBC church courtyard

In the past year, there have been so many testimonies of God’s transforming work among us at Rooted. I felt that the best way to share a few of these with you all would be to let a few young adults speak for themselves.

“Being involved with Rooted has been a joy for me from the beginning, being a natural progression post-College Life as a 20-something seeking Godly community here in Davis. I feel refreshed from our group conversations and Bible studies as we dig into Scripture and ask how we can apply it to our modern lives. I believe God is building this ministry by drawing new members to it and allowing us to enjoy fellowship with each other and grow as believers. God has used Rooted to encourage me and to challenge me to keep Him first in my life. I am grateful for the weekly small groups and the large group events where I can learn more about God’s character and share fellowship with others.” ~ Miranda Dimante

Since joining rooted I have learned how to doubt in community. Many of us have had hard experiences with the church and with faith in general. Rooted has been a fantastic space to deconstruct and reconstruct my faith. Since joining rooted I have developed a new friendship circle centered around our shared love of God. We have hard conversations, and we laugh harder than anyone. Also, God gave me a partner through Rooted.” ~ Christian Jones

“Before being a part of Rooted, I would probably say it was a ritualistic Christian. I went to church on Sundays, I went to church programs when needed, I sang when they asked me to sing, but my Christian life was very much separated from the rest of my life. There was a very clear boundary. I would liken my before-self to that Pharisee that was proclaiming himself to be the overall best in serving God (Luke 18: 6-12). After becoming a part of Rooted….well…at least since coming to Davis, I would liken myself to the tax collector (Luke 18: 13). I am all too aware of my imperfection and now I’m making conscious efforts to grow in Christ. I’m not relying on my ritualistic efforts to keep me in good standing so I go to heaven, but now I’m seeking a relationship with God. I of course can’t say that my Christian life now perfectly blends with everything…in fact the fact that I still see them as separate speaks to that. But I am trying every day to let my walk with God become part of my daily life and not just an afterthought on Sundays and Thursdays.” ~ Nkechinyere Chidi-Ogbolu

Yes, Church! Truly, God is on the move here among the young adults. Thank you for supporting us, thank you for loving us, thank you for creating the opportunity for us to seek God and His Word, thank you for opening your homes for us to fellowship in, thank you for funding us, and thank you for empowering and releasing us to seek God together. Indeed, hearts are being changed, lives are being transformed, and Jesus is being glorified. Praise the Lord!!! In His Service, Goziem Anisiobi

Discipleship Intern



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