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It Happened One Apocalyptic Easter

Ever been to an apocalyptic dinner? Let me tell you about one which happened on a Thursday evening, many centuries ago. Jesus the Rabbi gathered his nearest and dearest to celebrate the Passover meal. The menu was familiar to them all: unleavened bread to remember the hasty departure Israel had made from Egypt centuries before, wine to remember both suffering and celebration, and a lamb roast to recall the life-saving lamb’s blood which kept the firstborn sons of Israel safe from death.

But that evening, Jesus made that familiar menu an apocalyptic one. Apocalypse is Greek for something like “the big reveal”, when the true nature of things are disclosed. And at the Last Supper, Jesus revealed that the familiar symbols of Israel’s most significant dinner menu were, in fact, pointing to an even greater deliverance, salvation, and sacrifice than Israel’s rescue from Egypt. Rather, in going to the cross, Jesus would become the Passover lamb: dying so we might live. Whenever we take communion we remember elements of that same meal where he gave own body as ‘bread’ and blood as ‘wine’.

This week is Holy Week, and we are invited to remember, and celebrate, as well. On Friday evening, we’ll gather at 7:30pm in the Worship Center for our Good Friday service, and take some time to remember and reflect together on what Jesus accomplished on that deserted cross for us. It’s a serious and significant event, and it is an anchor for my soul to remember it again together with the gathered body of Christ.

Together, we remember on Friday that Jesus died for our salvation and forgiveness.

And then, on Sunday morning, we remember together that he did not stay dead. No! Together we celebrate that Christ is risen, He is risen indeed! On Easter Sunday morning, at 10am, we will gather together again to proclaim together that our Savior lives, and we have hope and a future because of Him!

Here’s what to expect this Easter Sunday:

  • At 10am, we’ll gather in the Worship Center for the EASTER JOY edition of our regular Sunday worship service. There will be a flower cross (so bring a bloom for you and the little ones in our church to decorate our cross and symbolize the beauty of new life!), and our Praise Voices team will lead us in song!

  • Following the service, there will be an Easter brunch celebration for all in the Courtyard.

I’m excited to remember, reflect, and celebrate the apocalyptic, history-changing event of that first Easter with you.

This is the weekend that reminds me, above all, that our faith is a robust, living, hope-filled anchor in this life. If Christ has not been raised from the dead, said the Apostle Paul, then we are to be pitied above all people (1 Corinthians 15:14).

But if He has…

(And indeed, he has…)

Then we have the very best hope in the world.

Waiting with you,

Bronwyn Lea

Pastor of Discipleship and Women

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