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Good News in Just 15 Seconds

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Dear Church Family, If you were to ask your friends what gets you excited, what would they say? I know that I’ve developed a reputation for being enthusiastic about a few distinct things: puns, whatever new book I’m reading, and funny things my kids have said. I’m likely to drop a comment or story about those into a conversation on any given day. You might describe me as an enthusiast, or even an evangelist when it comes to puns and books. Example conversation: Friend: May is just crazy: these deadlines seem to be coming out of nowhere! Me: I know! I was just reading this book by Ms B. Smart about end of the year stress and how we can find pockets of time for rest… My loves and likes and lifehacks are all woven into everyday conversation among neighbors, coworkers, and friends. What are you enthusiastic about? What stories or tidbits do you find yourself sharing in everyday conversation? And what if sharing about Jesus was as natural and easy as that? In March, I was introduced to the idea of the 15-second testimony at a training workshop. The video takes 4 minutes to watch and I highly recommend you watch it - or better yet, watch it with your home group or someone you can talk about it with! The idea is this: to practice a quick way of referencing some way God has worked in your life - a micro testimony - which is short enough to share in conversation when a possible connection comes up. It could be a story of how you first came to faith, or really of any time when God has made a difference. Example conversation: Friend: May is just crazy: these deadlines seem to be coming out of nowhere! Me: I get it! I remember when I was at law school and was so overwhelmed and overworked it turned into a month of insomnia. But I keep trying to remember the lesson I learned about Jesus’ patterns of work and rest and how to find deep rest even when the to-do lists aren’t done. Have you ever experimented with taking a whole day off? I love the 15-second testimony idea. It feels so doable for a world where we already trade stories and advice with one another. So why not, as ambassadors of hope and God’s shalom, look f

or opportunities to share a story which includes what Jesus did or said? Short stories aren’t threatening… they’re encouraging and inspirational. Haven’t you loved hearing the short testimonies from Madee, Dana, Mike and Goziem during the past few Sundays? Each one of us has stories to tell of ways God has made a difference. What if you were to share that snippet with a neighbor next time they share a question or struggle you identify with? I’d love to hear your 15 second testimony some time. With you on the journey, Bronwyn “Has the LORD redeemed you? Then speak out! Tell others he has saved you. Let them praise the LORD for his great love, And for all his wonderful deeds to them.” Psalm 107:2,7 (NLT)


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