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Does God Still Heal Today? On The Power of Healing Prayer

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Have you ever asked yourself these questions: “Are the Bible stories of healing true?” “Does it still happen today?” “Does God still supernaturally heal sicknesses (physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual)?” Or these questions, “How do we obey God’s invitation to pray for healing?” “What about laying hands on the sick?” “I know about personal prayer, but how do I pray for others?” “Where do I start from, even if I want to?” These questions and more trouble many Christians today, but read this testimony shared by one of our beloved brothers:

"For years I was a skeptic about healing prayer. Amongst other things, my theological training led me to conclude that healing prayer did not have the place in the modern church like it did in the early church. Then I met John and Elaine Busch. During that first meeting I sensed God inviting me to ask them to pray for me. Since then, I've asked them to pray over me time and time again. Each time, God used their prayers to encourage, transform, and heal my wounded heart. As you can imagine, I am no longer a skeptic. And I've come to realize neither are the New Testament writers. Over and over, they affirm the healing and transformative power of prayer. For that, I am so grateful." - Scott Wieking (June 2022)

It is God’s desire for us as members of His Church to be fully equipped to be His Kingdom representatives. This involves, among other things, being able to partner with Him in His work of healing and spreading His shalom through prayer.

At FBC Davis this weekend, starting at 6.30 pm on Friday (June 24th) and 9 am on Saturday (June 25th), join us as we do a deep dive into the topic of healing prayer, exploring different aspects of it, and how it can be used in daily life and ministry. This training is specifically designed to equip any Christian to confidently pray for others experiencing a physical, emotional, or spiritual need in their lives. There will be opportunities to ask questions and several hands-on practical sessions.

If you are interested in attending this free program, find more details here. If you, or someone close to you, need prayers for any form of physical, emotional, or spiritual need, there will be opportunity for that at 3 pm on Saturday (25th).

Come and encounter the healing power of God.


Goziem Anisiobi

Discipleship Intern



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