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Conversations with your Family

I was six years old in Apartheid South Africa when I first noticed posters for an upcoming election. There were posters for candidates for the “White” parliament, the “Indian” parliament, and the “Coloured” parliament, and Black South Africans had no political representation whatsoever.

Conversations about race began early in my world: why were people being treated so differently? I’m sure my Mom wrestled long and hard about how best to talk with six-year-old me about it. She also had to decide how to talk with us as Nelson Mandela was released when I was in high school, and as we witnessed racial conflict escalate in the news, and when my multiracial private school got bomb threats.

Now I’m the Mom, and I know my kids are seeing the news headlines concerning racial injustice in this country… and they have questions. And now I’m wrestling long and hard about how best to talk with them. I want to help them become aware of the conflict, help them to build multi-racial relationships, and help them create opportunities to work towards justice. But it’s daunting: I’m parenting on the fly. We all are. We’re on this journey whether we like it or not, and our children are along for the ride.

We dare not duck having these conversations with our kids (just like we dare not duck talking with them about sexuality, or money!), but I know I need community and I need wisdom on the way. I also know that we don’t have to figure this out alone: learning from other parents and leaders with practical wisdom and who are guided by God’s word, is key.

So we’re hosting a three week Zoom conversation to learn from one another, to practice having conversations, and explore helpful tools, resources, and insights to better equip us for these race-conscious conversations.

Please join us, not because we’re experts (we’re not!), but because we’re parents who want to listen and learn, and we know so many other parents in our community want to do so, too.

We’d love you to join the conversation.

With you on the journey,

Bronwyn Lea

Fellow Parent, and Pastor of Discipleship and Women

These zoom events have pasted, but we'd still love to have you join the conversation



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