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College Life is the college ministry of First Baptist Church of Davis. We have Tuesday night large group meetings and weekly Growth Group meetings as well as plenty of special events. We also offer free van rides to FBC from the freshman dorms. For more information about College Life, when and where we meet, and how to get connected into a Growth Group, please contact intern Peter Nittler.

Upcoming Events

  • Ordination Council for Dan Seitz
    October 22 FBC will be hosting an Ordination Council for Dan Seitz. Ordination is the declaration by a denomination or association that a person has been called to vocational ministry. Ordination makes a pastor a "Reverend." In attendance for the Ordination Council will be several pastors from Next Generation Churches (our association). The event is public. If you have interest in attending, please RSVP with Scott Wieking by Monday, October 20.

Regular Meetings

  • College Life
    Kleiber 3
    Dr. Tim Houk will be giving the second message in our “Defying Gravity” series. Check us out on Facebook. Questions? Email Peter Nittler.

College Life Growth Group

The heart of the College Life experience is Growth Groups. Growths Groups exist for relationship-building, Bible Study, and good deeds in Jesus’ name. To join one, email intern Peter Nittler.

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