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growing together

Homegroups provide the best place to experience meaningful community and growth to become more like Jesus. We meet in homes across Yolo County to grow together on our faith journey, develop deep friendships, and serve in our community.

unity in diversity

A distinguishing mark of FBC’s homegroups is their diversity. We gather in unity even though we have diverse political views, economic situations, interests and passions, religious backgrounds, spiritual nuances, life stages, and more. This diversity is a powerful avenue for experiencing the unity of Christian community. One example: some of our groups involve both adults and children. In those groups, children learn from watching adults grow in their faith and adults benefit from the fresh ways that kids approach their own young faith.

our homegroups

Contact Neil to join one of these groups or to start your own!

  • Bob and Carola's homegroup, Dixon, Sunday afternoons

  • Tim's homegroup, Woodland, Sunday evenings

  • Tom and Kathy's homegroup, North Davis, Sunday evenings

  • Keith and Janet's homegroup, North Davis, Sunday evenings, online and Thursday mornings in person

  • Ryan and Lisa's homegroup, Woodland, Sunday evenings

  • Mike's homegroup, West Davis, Monday afternoons

  • Chris and Steph's homegroup, Central Davis, Monday evenings

  • Mark and Christina's homegroup, online, Tuesday afternoons

  • Kim and Doug's homegroup, Davis, Tuesday evenings

  • Joe and Jen's homegroup, West Davis, Wednesday evenings

  • Brad and Jo's homegroup, West Davis, Wednesday evenings

  • Jon and Susan, Nancy's homegroup, North Davis, Thursday evenings

  • Pat and Andan's homegroup, Davis, Thursday evenings, online

  • Moises and Lacy's homegroup, Thursday evenings, online

connect with us

Bronwyn Lea

Bronwyn Lea

Pastor of Discipleship & Women

530.758.7100 x3

Neil Redenbaugh

Neil Redenbaugh

Adult and Family Pastor

530.758.7100 x4

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