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Mapping Sexuality
Breakout Sessions

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The conference has time for one breakout session. You can indicate your top two preferences when you register.

Facing the Talk

Our children live in the same sex-saturated world we do, with exposure to ads, media, and online content coming at earlier and earlier ages. This session is for those hoping to help our children and teens have healthier conversations and expectations about their bodies, sex, and sexuality.

Loving our LGBTQ Friends and Family Well

What might it look like to be in close, healthy relationships with someone you love, and yet whose sexual experiences and choices are hard to square with your understanding of Scripture? If we are not fully “affirming”, how can we extend love and avoid being painfully silent? What does it mean to love as Jesus did? This session explores various scenarios on how we might walk wisely and well alongside our LGBTQ friend, child, or neighbor.

Misconceptions About Love

The social imaginary has seeped so fully into our homes, workplaces and churches that there are roads that people are unwilling to walk down because they have been told that they lead to failure /rejection /dissatisfaction. But what if, after climbing a small hill of discomfort and challenge, these roads actually lead to freedom, acceptance, joy and flourishing? Esther Grant will be presenting and will share some of her story.

Dating 101

Arranged marriages are rare in our culture, which means the task of finding a mate falls to us, and the Bible seems to give frustratingly little guidance on the topic. This session will discuss the why and how of dating, interspersing best practices and great stories with a healthy vision of what wise dating in 2019 could look like.

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